Sunnyvale's #1 Junk Removal Experts

Jack Chamber started Sunnyvale Chamber Junk Removal over eight years ago with the customer in mind. Cleanup the customers junk, clean the area surrounding where the junk was, and charge a reasonable price, and the customers will keep coming back for years to come. After eight years of delivering the best junk removal service in Sunnyvale California, Jack's junk removal company is the number one junk hauling company in the county. Weather our customers are looking to get rid of their whole garage, or are simply looking for two strong guys to haul away a old refrigerator, Sunnyvale Chamber Junk Removal is the company working for you. We always give out free estimates BEFORE any work is done, but below is a estimated guess of what our services would cost:

  • 1/4 of a Truck - $150. Can haul away a couch and desk
  • 1/2 of a Truck - $225. Can haul away couch, bed, and desk.
  • 3/4 of a truck - $300. Can haul away three fourths of a one car garage.
  • Full Truck - $350. Can haul away all materials from a one car garage.

To schedule junk removal services from Sunnyvale Chamber Junk Removal you can head to Junk Busters for availability and to compare rates on junk removal services from a few of our competitors. You'll see that our prices can't be beat!

Call Jack Chamber or his three sons to get a free estimate today. We are the highest ranked junk removal company on Yelp for a reason. Please give us a chance to earn your business!